For my first blog post I’m actually going to talk about something super serious. I have many female friends who have been sexually assaulted and suffer from PTSD as a result. So I want to raise awareness about the prevalence of PTSD and how one method, hypnotherapy has helped many of my friends and family to heal.

PTSD – The Silent Killer

One of the major health disorders killing many people silently is Post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. There are thousands of people suffering out there in different states. One of the reasons for the increase in PTSD disorder is a sexual assault; it may not show immediately but later on the affected individual continues to suffer from stress and, depression and trauma.

There are uncountable people suffering out there who do not report sexual assault crimes as a result of fear and victimization, this makes it difficult to estimate the actual number of people suffering from PTSD.

Why PTSD Is On the Rise

The current events and status reveal that sexual assault and violence is increasing every day and many cases are reported every day. There are many organizations, human rights and activist who are trying to establish various ways that can be applied to handle and curb the situation. If immediate measures and precautions are not employed soon, the situation might escalate and become a global disaster.

In the US, it is estimated a sexual assault or rape happens every two minutes. This is alarming considering that there are many issues in the society that leads to the occurrence of such cases. The prevalence of PTSD is higher and keeps rising everyday meaning that the current therapy mechanisms for sexual-assault-related PTSD need to be improved.

The suffering population needs to be attended by professional therapists, and there more knowledge and skills are needed in this field. If pathologies associated in dealing with sexual assault trauma in psychological, biological and sociological improve their knowledge and skills, then they will be able to develop new measures and effective treatment that can be used to alleviate the long-term pain that PTSD patients and survivors are going through.

Inappropriate handling of Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal or the HPA is one of the main reasons causing an increase functional abnormalities and structural abnormalities that on the other hand contribute to the increase in PTSD.

The Best Approach to Fight PTSD

It is not possible to completely cure the effects of PTSD from the sexual assault survivors. But hypnotherapy has been proven as an outstanding treatment procedure that has helped many survivors recover from the PTSD. Therapists are now improving hypnotherapy developing new ways to treat PTSD.

A comprehensive treatment program and management of the disorder using hypnotherapy has proven to work for many survivors. The treatment goes along with improved drugs that help the patients improve and start experiencing a new life where they can eventually forget the incidence of sexual assault thereby reducing stress at a higher margin.

Hypnotherapy aims to help the patients reduce symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and most important feel appreciated by the society. A patient undergoing hypnotherapy will be able to reduce flashbacks, improve resilience to stress that will also help them the vulnerability of getting specific disability complications.

Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to prevent relapse and maintain a healthy living. It is essential for your certified hypnotherapist to understand the level of the PTSD affliction so that critical measures can be established. Once this is done, it is good to talk to the patient to understand all the symptoms and signs that they may be exposing. Different individuals react differently to this type of treatment whereas the time they spend with their therapist is necessary to establish the response and the effect.

Dysregulation of PTSD should not be allowed to happen as this may cause major systems of the body such as endocrine, neural and the immune system to reduce immensely. The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis is involved in the major role of controlling the above three systems of the body, and therefore neglect can result to negative feedback inhibition on patients suffering from PTSD.


As you have seen, sex abuse has caused damages to many individuals and families. It can hurt the families finance when the family providers fall into depression and also the treatment cost. We all have the responsibilities to play in helping our member families and friends who go through sexual assault to recuperate rather than letting them succumb to depression, anxiety, and traumas that may eventually lead to fatal complications. It is, therefore, necessary to enroll the survivors suffering from PTSD to a hypnotherapist program and with time and continuous attendance, they will eventually heal.